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Anthony Nitz has done it again with his newest ebook, A Hardcore FSBO Manual That Gets Your Home SOLD AND Get Agents To PAY YOU. It wasn't until I read this book that I realized I had been doing all wrong.  My biggest mistake was trying to sell my home the way real estate agents do.  Instantly as soon as I was presented with this concept, I shouted a great big OH MY GOD! because I realized I could have saved weeks and lots of wasted effort if I knew this before trying to sell.  I cancelled the appointment I had scheduled with an agent. I was just about to list my home for sale and probably pay almost $32,000 in commissions.  Results: House SOLD.  No commissions.  This ebook outright added lots of money to my bank account.

Auracelli Seaton

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From: Anthony Nitz

Dear Friend,

It's enough to make you wanna gag!

You see all these real estate agents talking about how difficult it is to get your home sold on your own... almost like they are the only ones capable of effective real estate marketing... selling "High Commission" real estate sales that promise the moon...

... but when you get down to it where the rubber meets the road, a lot of them can't tell you a single damned thing that makes real sense for you as a home seller. Know what I mean? 

Yes, maybe some of them did sell a boatload of houses. Maybe it was their skill, maybe it was their luck, maybe the stars were aligned... who knows? You read their brochures, you listen to their 2 hour sales pitch, you attend their seminars... and they leave you feeling like you have no options.

I was talking to several people about this sad state of affairs one day. I could hear the tension mounting in the room. Then, suddenly, it exploded...

"Enough is enough!"

After everyone calmed down a little, they provoked me further with a challenge:

"So what are you going to do about it?"

Expert as I am at throwing the ball back in my court, I said, "What I'm going to do about it is write the ultimate PRIMER on how to Sell Your Home On Your Own. No hype. No fluff. No wild theories. Only the good stuff that works fast!"

"Just foolproof methods people can use, front and center, based on the simple things I know, from my own personal experience, will get their homes sold!"

Here's what I really meant when I said
"Good Stuff"

...using coaching metaphors if you will. Don't Worry, Be Happy

Let me translate for you:

You know how when coaches recruit for a team when the season starts, they keep cutting players from the roster until they have only the best, fittest, most-likely-to-win athletes left on the team?

Well, oddly enough, it's the same thing with real estate marketing. Those of us who have been at it for years have tried everything imaginable. We've had to throw away nine out of every 10 things we've tried. Why? 

1) Either, they were just too damn complicated, high-maintenance, or expensive 

-- or --

2) They simply didn't work for anyone without a PHD in marketing.

The few basic, reliable, and effective home selling tactics that were left -- the ones we keep using over and over every week in our own businesses -- is what I mean when I say "the good stuff!"

"Here's a guy that looks out for the little guy: Anthony Nitz is a master at getting homes sold; better yet at teach me how to get my home sold.  The book was easy to follow and understand. The secrets he reveals in this new book will open your eyes to options you may never have thought of -- that will get your home sold without paying a commission!" 

David Montoya, 

That's how "A Hardcore FSBO Manual" 
came about

What I've noticed is many people have it totally backwards. 

They think fancy brochures... endless open houses... huge full color magazine ads... hundreds of postcards... and high commissions paid to agents are going to get their home sold.

NOT True!

If that were true, then EVERY SINGLE HOME would be sold today, instead of being an embarrassing long listing with continuous price cuts and switching between multiple agents thinking a different agent can do the same stuff better. 

Of course, just the opposite has happened. The market changes and homes sit forever. prices are continuously reduced and agents still use the same marketing techniques.

Here's the truth: All the techniques I mentioned above, when used properly, really can boost your ability to sell. 

The problem is... most agents don't have a clue about how to use those techniques properly not to mention the advanced concepts I talk about in my book.

In short, you've got to "understand" before you can "implement" - "implement" before you can "Sell!"

Pretty simple, huh?

But it's remarkable how so few agents are using these simple tools that get the MOST exposure in the first place!

Where do I get off telling YOU
how to Sell Your Own Home?

"If anyone knows about selling homes, it's Anthony Nitz. With his information I have been able to sell three of my properties without an agent and saved over $50,000 in commissions."

Dave and Deborah Huddles
Real Estate Investors 

You're probably wondering - what gives me the right to tell you the fundamentals of selling a home?

Results. That's all. We've got 'em. We're still getting 'em. Every day.

For example:

  • I approached a homeowner who had a for sale by owner sign in the front yard.  I pointed out one very obvious mistake he was making.  He fixed it and some other things and after trying to sell for 7 weeks with no offers, he got four showings and a serious offer.

  • I spent over a year developing a live training to teach home owners how to sell their homes on their own. 

  • I've sold all of my own homes using the techniques I mention in my ebook.

  • I've been asked to consult with several real estate industry related companies that currently only cater to real estate agents to help them cross over to the For Sale By Owner market because they see the wave coming.

  • I consistently consult with home sellers on a regular basis and advise them of their options. Many times they begin the For Sale By Owner process right away and even for those who choose to list with an agent, the advice I give them saves or makes them thousands.

And that's just a fraction of the results I've created. 

Many people tell me that my information sheds a different light on the real estate industry. I am widely known as "the guy who won't shut up about real estate." I've probably given more people more "super valuable" information (real stuff they can use right away, that actually works) than any other real estate marketers you can think of. 

Hey - I could go on and on about my accomplishments, but I think you get the point. I've been there, I've done that, and now I'm going to show you what I've learned... so you can do it for yourself simply and easily... and without the complicated "spins" everybody seems to want to put on this stuff!

Agent after agent kept telling me I couldn't do it on my own.
I almost bought into that concept until I read your ebook. 

I realized that most agents are trained to try to use the scare tactic with FSBO's in order to get the listing. And every single agent I spoke to did exactly that.  They're not attorneys structuring multi million dollar companies or doctors doing brain surgery.  They're just people who do sales like the guy who sold me my $32 cordless mouse at Circuit City.  Agents just get bigger commissions. Yeah it's harder than selling a mouse but I figured I could do it too.

I saved over $15,000 from this ebook! That's $15,000 bucks I put toward my new house instead of someone's pocket! 

Archie Duggins
Happy Home Seller

This is your invitation to join us on the
"SOLD" side of the Real Estate!

Now that you see I actually practice what I preach and I rank among the most successful at providing easy-to-understand For Sale By Owner techniques that other people can (and do) use to sell their homes themselves, let's get down to brass tacks: what's in this book?

We start a concept:

I'll be the first one to tell you that you may have heard of some of these methods before. But I may be the only one to say flat out that most people are "in the dark" about exactly how to use them.

That's where "A Hardcore FSBO Manual" sets itself apart from the great mass of other FSBO help "fluff". We don't require any guesswork on your part or leave anything to chance. We show you in exact detail - with real-life illustrations and examples - what to do!

There are complete explanations - in plain, ordinary language - of the fine points that spell the difference between success and failure in selling your own home, including many sets of step-by-step instructions. We also place a high priority on things that cost little or nothing to develop or implement. 

This book is the "blueprint" you've been looking for for getting your home sold without paying high commissions! 

Read just the first section and you'll know...

  • How I changed the way people think about selling their home that had real estate agents sending me hate mail!

  • A "dirt-simple" way to do some of the things real estate agents do and some of those things that you shouldn't do.

  • How to massively increase exposure of your home for a fraction of the cost by eliminating real estate commissions.

  • The right way to price your home for sale and avoid becoming the over priced dog no one wants to touch with a ten foot pole!

  • Step by Step instructions on how to prepare your home to sell so it looks like a Macy's department store display window enticing lots of buyers.

  • How to effectively use inexpensive technology to pre-qualify interested parties so you don't waste your time answering questions for people who can't even afford your home.

  • Why, your signage should NOT look like a real estate agents sign (but allow you to achieve the results you desire).

  • How to avoid the price haggling scenario and negotiate a ROCK SOLID price with even the strongest wheeler dealer.

  • The questions you should ask potential buyers to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Now, that's just a taste of what you'll learn from the basic techniques in "A Hardcore FSBO Manual." And that information alone will put you miles ahead of 99% of the people "trying" to sell their homes whether on their own or even with agents.

But we didn't stop there!

The problem with many For Sale By Owner's is that people learn a technique, use it for a minute, shake their head in awe... and call a real estate agent.

We'll show you how to avoid that syndrome by using the system to your advantage. With this advice, you'll have agents and other people offering to pay you, pay for your marketing, hold open houses for you, conduct inspections for free and more.

Then, we'll reveal what you need to know in case you need to hire a real estate agent for some reason how to make sure you have hired absolutely the best agent you can and minimize your costs while increasing profits.

You'll see a case studies where people chose not to follow the rock solid advice given and lost big!  But you don't have to.

Instead of losing big, you can win big. Yes, you can... if you knew the secret!

Want to get your home sold?

We'll show you how...

OK. So now you know the basic techniques... the key concepts and tactical applications of how to sell your home on your own without paying huge commissions.

What's next?

Let's summarize. You get all the proven techniques... key information about how to access and use these techniques... preparation of the home for maximum profits...the marketing tools real estate agents don't want you to know about and that they don't even use to leverage other industry professionals to help you accomplish your goal of getting your home sold with minimal cost... and, even how to hire the right agent in case you need to use one.

All in all, 46 pages of from-the-field, hard-core, nitty-gritty information that can make you a lot of extra money... right away!

How soon will you be ready to ditch that agent and get your home SOLD?

You really do have new opportunities presenting themselves every day... and many of them will pass you by unless you know what to look for and exactly what to do when they come along. 

We have gone "above and beyond" to give you the knowledge and the tools you need to start cashing in on the hard earned equity opportunities staring you straight in the face!

You'd expect information like this to cost hundreds of dollars. Seminars with this kind of information run into the hundreds (I used to charge $250 a head to a full room) and often don't get this specific. Individual consulting could cost you more than that. I have each paid 10s of thousands of dollars (and put in at least as many hours) learning, refining and perfecting what you will receive in this book.

So you will be shocked when you realize you can have everything I've just described for only $67.

That's right! A measly 19 bucks and some change!

You may immediately ask, "If it's so good - why is it so cheap?"

A couple reasons, actually.

Because you deserve a better deal than you've been getting all these years. We know that thousands upon thousands of people give thought to selling their home on their own and are hungry for this information and, because of the state of the world and economy right now... we want to put it within reach of EVERYONE who NEEDS IT!

I've already made more money in real estate than many people make in their lives. I could charge a lot for this information - in fact, many of our "real estate" friends are horrified at this low price and insisted (very vigorously) that we not make it available at all, especially for such a low price - but I've made a decision:

It's time for sincere, hard-working people (like you) who want to learn how to get their home sold themselves without paying giant commissions to be able to do so. We want to do our part to make sure there's nothing standing in your way... not even the small price of an ebook.

To put the icing on the cake, we're also giving you this iron-clad, no-nonsense guarantee: 

Get "A Hardcore FSBO Manual" right now and take a look. Try the information out. See if this isn't the most valuable, practical, easy-to-use AND implement home selling and marketing information on the planet... no matter what type of home you have. If it isn't, let us know by email and we'll refund your money. All of it. For up to 60 FULL DAYS. It's that simple.

So really... you have nothing to lose and a whole list of successful home selling "recipes" to gain!

Finally! After all these years and many disappointing promises that didn't come true, you have "the straight scoop" from a guy who is not only successful doing it, but superb at teaching others to do it as well.

Go ahead and order now... and welcome to the world of profitable For Sale By Owner marketing!

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To Your Success,
Anthony Nitz

P.S. When I first got into real estate sales, I busted my butt trying to make a nickel while not falling prey to the old school methods of the real estate industry and got very little reward for my effort. I spun my wheels and felt nothing but discouragement... in fact, looking back, I'm surprised I stuck with it.

Then things got better. I realized that people just wanted the honest simple truth. It was a challenge though because people have been fed the same old garbage and they were used to it.  It took a little hard core in your face conversations with people to get them on board with the new way of selling real estate.

Today, on the west coast, my wife and I have a house that is paid off and two cars with no payments because of the hard work I've done in trying to get peoples homes sold the right way.  And even though I am a member of the professional real estate community, I constantly challenge the status quo in hopes of some day accomplishing two things.  First and foremost is to raise the bar. Increase the standards by which people are allowed to handle potentially the most important transaction of your life, until then you sell your own home.  And then to drag the real estate community kicking and screaming out of the "old school" way of marketing homes and into the new age of marketing so the homeowners will benefit even more.

Hey - I know that may sound like shameless bragging. But listen - I'm telling you this only to make a point:

Real Estate has been good to me. I've hit some rough patches of road along the way and we probably will again, but I've learned what works and here's your chance to learn it for less than most people pay for a hard-cover book on For Sale By Owner selling that leaves them more discouraged than when they started.

Ready for a change? 

Ready to learn how to really get your home sold without paying huge commissions? 

Every day that goes by is one day closer to paying a big fat 6% or more of your homes value to a real estate agent.  You do the math.

What's it going to be? 

I think you know the answer... Click Here and Order Now!


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